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Eagles - Hotel California (Live New Zeland DVD)

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The Eagles - Hotel California - 2009
Live At Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Christchurch, New Zealand, November 26, 1995

Release: 2009 | Pop Rock/Soft Rock | DVD Video | DVD5 | MPEG1 NTSC 4:3 (720x480) VBR
Audio: Not specified (Dolby AC3, 2 ch) | 4.18 Gb | RS.com, HF.com
Evo jednog nezvanicnog live izdanja iz 1995 godine,uzivo u Novom Zelandu.Kvalitet ovog snimka je odlican kao i zvuk.Ovaj put ima vremenske prilike nisu
bas bile idealne,ali matore legende su i pored celovecernje kise zvucali savrseno!!!

01. Hotel California
02. Victim Of Love
03. New Kid In Town
04. Wasted Time
05. Lyin' Eyes
06. One Of This Nights
07. Tequila Sunrise
08. Help Me Through The Night
09. Love Will Keep Us Alive
10. You Belong To The City
11. The Boys Of Summer
12. Dirty Laundry
13. Life's Been Good
14. Heartache Tonight
15. Live In The Fast Lane
16. Already Gone
17. Rocky Mountain Way
18. Desperado
19. Take It Easy

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Eagles - Hotel California Vinyl Rip

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Izvodjac : Eagles
Album : Hotel California
Godina izdavanja : 1976
Format : Mp3/320kb

Hotel California je peti album americkog benda EaglesOvo je prvi album bez Bernie Leadon a na njegovom mestu je dosao Joe Walsh. Ovo je ujedno i zadnji album na kome Randy Meisner svira bas i peva.


Hotel Californiaje peti album koji je doneo veliki komercijalni uspeh obezbedivsi pozitivne ocene kod kriticara. Od njegove realizacije 1976 godine do danas,album je prodat u preko 16 miliona kopija samo u S.A.D.-u. Album je bio 8 nedelja prvo mesto 1977, i ukljucivao je dva singla  No. #1 hits  Billboard Hot 100: "New Kid in Town" (u Februaru 26 1977)  i "Hotel California"  (Maj 7, 1977)a Life in the fast line se popeo na 11-om mestu.U  2001 VH1 proglasava Hotel California 38-im  od 100 najboljih albuma u istoriji Rok muzike. Hotel California 2005  dostigao je 13-to  mesto  na British television's Channel 4 na izboru 100 najbolojih rok albuma. 2003-ece album je dospeo na 37-mom mestu Rolling Stone magazina na listi 500 najboljih albuma svih vremena.

Track List :

1. "Hotel California" (Felder, Henley, Frey) – 6:30
2. "New Kid in Town" (J.D. Souther, Henley, Frey) – 5:03
3. "Life in the Fast Lane" (Walsh, Henley, Frey) – 4:46
4. "Wasted Time" (Henley, Frey) – 4:55
5. "Wasted Time (Reprise)" (instrumental) (Henley, Frey, Jim Ed Norman) – 1:22
6. "Victim of Love" (Felder, Souther, Henley, Frey) – 4:11
7. "Pretty Maids All in a Row" (Walsh, Joe Vitale) – 3:58
8. "Try and Love Again" (Meisner) – 5:10
9. "The Last Resort" (Henley, Frey) – 7:28

Band :

Don Felder – Gitara,Vokal
Glenn Frey – Gitara, Klavijature, Vokal,Klavir
Don Henley – Bubnjevi,Perkusije,Vokal,Klavijature
Randy Meisner – Bas gitara,El.Gitara,Vokal
Joe Walsh – Gitara,slajd Gitara,Vokal,Klavijature,Vokal,Organ
Andrew McNutt - Keytar, Xylophone, Theremin

Link :

Eagles Hotel Californiapart.2

1972 - Eagles Vinyl Rip

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Izvodjac : Eagles
Album : Eagles 
Godina relizacije : 1972 (Box set 2005) 
File Format : mp3/320kb 

Prvi album...njihov najbolji album sto se mene tice.Nekako svi koji cuju za ovaj bend sete se legendarne Hotel California pesmice.Ok,svidja mi se i ta pesma,ali nekako sam uvek bio privrzeniji njohovim ranijim baladama kao sto su na primer Witchy woman i Take it easy.Take the devil,o da,melodija koja odise nekim apokalipticnim tonom u prvim taktovima. Mnogi koji prate ovaj band,uocili su njihovu naklonost prema baladama,ali ima tu i chvrsceg zvuka.Sa ovog albuma jedno od obaveznog shtiva za ljubitelja pravog rock-a preporucujem Chug All Night.zapravo ovo je jedina onako brza pesmica koju bih izdvojio.Inace,na ovom izdanju nema losih momenata.Band zvuci uigrano,raspolozeno i vrlo profesionalno.Uzivajte...Ziveli !!!

Track list : 

01.Take It Easy 
02.Witchy Woman 
03.Chug All Night 
04.Most Of Us Are Sad 
06.Train Leaves Here This Morning 
07.Take The Devil 
09.Peaceful Easy Feeling 

Band : 

Glenn Frey – Ritam i slajd gitara,Harmonika,Klavijature,Vokal
Don Henley – Bubnjevi,Gitara,Vokal 
Bernie Leadon – Gitara,Mandolina,Bendzo,Vokals 
Randy Meisner – BAs gitara,El Gitara,Vokal 

1972 - Eagles

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The Who - 30 Years of Maximum R&B (1994) [4CD Box Set, Polydor 521 751-2]

The Who - 30 Years of Maximum R&B (1994) [4CD Box Set, Polydor 521 751-2]
4CD | Rock | EAC Rip | APE(Image) + Cue + Log | MP3 CBR 320Kbps
Covers(300dpi) Included | Polydor 521 751-2 | ~1804 + 739 Mb | FSonic, FServe, Uploaded

This exemplary four-disc box takes the high road, attempting nothing less than an honest reconstruction of the Who's stormy, adventurous, uneven pilgrimage. While offering an evenhanded cross-section of single hits and classic album tracks, 30 Years garnishes the expected high points with B-sides, alternate and live versions of familiar tracks, and the quartet's earliest singles as the High Numbers. Reinforcing the package's documentary agenda are interview and stage-patter sound bites. What emerges is a fascinating chronicle of how the Shepherd's Bush mods journeyed from the giddy, explosive concision of their January 1965 debut single, "I Can't Explain," to the discursive, knotty sweep of creative architect Pete Townshend's "rock operas," Tommy, Quadrophenia, and the uncompleted, unreleased Lifehouse. The Who's swift evolution into rock visionaries is traced chronologically, meaning the band's original immersion in "maximum R&B," which forged their earliest club dates, doesn't surface on record until midway through the sequence, on key tracks from their thundering Live at Leeds album. Fans may quibble over the relative weight given specific albums, but the shape of the Who's career and their passionate identification with their audience are rendered faithfully. So, too, is Townshend's skill at mingling issues of faith and identity with generational manifestoes and sly broadsides. And there's ample evidence of the quartet's outsize musical power; the sheer volume and violence that earned them notoriety early on is matched by a lyricism that deepens by mid career. Given the candor of the presentation, it's not surprising that 30 Years reaches its zenith midway through the set or that the last song (a reunion of the surviving trio covering Elton John) can't help seeming anticlimactic.

The Who - 30 Years of Maximum R&B (1994):/b>

Tracklist CD1:

01 Pete Dialogue
02 I'm the face
03 Here 'Tis
04 Zoot Suit
05 Leaving Here
06 I Can't Explain
07 Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
08 Daddy Rollin' Stone
09 My Generation
10 The Kids Are Alright
11 The Ox
12 A Legal Matter
13 Pete Dialogue [Live]
14 Substitute
15 I'm a Boy
16 Disguises
17 Happy Jack Jingle
18 Happy Jack
19 Boris the Spider
20 So Sad About Us
21 A Quick One: "while He's Away
22 Pictures of Lily
23 Early Morning Cold Taxi
24 Coke 2
25 Last Time
26 I Can't Reach You
27 Girl's Eyes
28 3ag О'Nails
29 Call Me Lightning

Tracklist CD2:

01 Rotosound Strings
02 I Can See for Miles
03 Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand
04 Armenia City in the Sky
05 Tattoo
06 Our Love Was
07 Rael 1 OS Rael 2
09 Track Records-Premier Drums
10 Sunrise
11 Russell Harty Dialogue
12 Jaguar
13 Melancholia
14 Fortune Teller
15 Magic Bus
16 little Billy
17 Dogs
18 Overture
19 The Add Queen
20 Abbie Hoffman Incident [Live:
21 Underture [Live]
22 Pinball Wizard
23 I'm Free
24 See Me, Feel Me [Live]
25 Heaven and Hell
26 Pete Dialogue [Live]
27 Young Man Blues [Live]
28 Summertime Blues [Live]

Tracklist CD3:

01 Shakin All Over
02 Saba О'Riley
03 Bargain
04 Pure And Easy
05 Song Is O.-er: The
06 Studio Dialogue
07 3ehind Blue Eyes
08 Won't Get Fooled Again
09 Seeker- The (edit)
10 Bony Moronie
11 Let's See Action
12 Join Together
13 Relay
14 Real Me, The
15 5. 15 (single miz)
16 Bell Boy
17 Love Reign O'er Me

Tracklist CD4:

01 Long Live Rock
02 Life With the Moons
03 Naked Eye [Live]
04 University Challenge
05 Slip Kid
06 Poetry Cornered
07 Dreaming from the Waist [Live]
08 Blue, Red and Grey
09 Life With the Moons, No. 2
10 Squeeze Bos
11 My Wife
12 Who Are You
13 Music Must Change
14 Sister Disco
15 Guitar and Pen
16 You Better You Bet
17 Eminence Front
18 Twist and Shout [Live]
19 I'm a Man [Live]
20 Pete Dialogue
21 Saturday Night's Alright for righting

Cd - 1


Cd - 2


Cd - 3


Cd - 4