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John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers - Stories

Izvodjac: John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers
Album  : Stories
Godina realizacije : 2002
Stil muzike : Blues 

First, allow me to put forth the proposition that despite the name of Mayall's band, that John Mayall has never been exclusively a blues musician. Therefore, it stands to reason that Mayall's albums will not contain blues songs exclusively. That Mayall is a blues master, there is no doubt, but he is so much more than that.
I am the owner of more than 40 Mayall recordings and buy each new CD before I hear a note. Rarely am I disappointed. The release of Stories is a testament to Mayall's prolific and enduring talent. Indeed, it is a colossal achievement.
Recently I had Stories in continuous rotation with a few other blues CDs while on a long road trip. My love for the CD grew with each listen. It is true that there is little straight blues here, but there is a lot of hard driving rock and blues rock and even a couple of the "message" songs that Mayall is fond of writing. Every song is good, but the real treat comes on the final cut which showcases another Mayall blues masterpiece. That song, The Mists of Time, is one I could listen to repeatedly for hours on end.
Other favorites are The Witching Hour, the magnificent Kokomo, and Demons In The Night.
Every John Mayall album has been different than its predecessor, sometimes radically so, and Stories is no exception. So its a mistake for the listener to come to the table with a preconceived notion of what the CD should sound like. I think Stories is Mayall's finest effort since Chicago Line and it deserves to be listened to enough times so that the listener can truly judge it on its considerable merits alone rather than by all that Mayall has done before.


01. Southside Story (4:43)
02. Dirty Water (5:53)
03. Feels Just Like Home (4:55)
04. Kids Got The Blues (4:00)
05. The Witching Hour (4:23)
06. Oh, Leadbelly (3:07)
07. Demons In The Night (5:51)
08. Pride And Faith (4:50)
09. Kokomo (4:42)
10. Romance Classified (3:23)
11. I Wished I Had (4:33)
12. Pieces And Parts (4:46)
13. I Thought I Heard The Devil (3:59)
14. The Mists Of Time (7:56)  


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The Velvet Underground - Loaded (Fully Loaded Edition)

Izvodjac : Velvet Underground
Album : Loaded: Fully Loaded Edition 1997 
Godina izdavanja : 1970 
File Format : APE 

Loaded is without doubt The Velvet Underground's most popular album. At the same time, it is not their least groundbreaking one, considering how revolutionary their earlier works had been. Despite this, however, "Loaded" is a solid album of clever pop tunes, quirky instrumentations, and Reed's simultaneously humorous and sad lyrics.

The opening three tracks, "Who Loves the Sun," "Sweet Jane," and "Rock & Roll," are the album's disputed pop masterpieces, and have grown to become some of the most beloved rock tunes ever. On Loaded: Fully Loaded Edition, "Sweet Jane" and "Rock & Roll" are replaced by their original, full-length version instead of the cut down versions originally released on the album in their radio edit single format. This is a nice touch for the above-average fan of the band, as it allows for the tracks to be heard as they were originally intended. "Cool It Down" is a rockin' tune as well with particularly scratchy and erratic vocals from Lou Reed. On the special edition, "New Age" also sees its paired down version replaced by an original, longer edit. The rest of the album is in its original form as not to differ too much from the original release of Loaded.  

Fully Loaded includes a second that contains a Velvet Underground fan's dream: a completely alternate version of the entire album! Alternate versions of each song on the album are included. This allows an interesting insight into the choices the band made in regard to the album during the band's somewhat embittered downfall. In addition, some of the versions are completely different but equally good. In particular, the alternate version of "I Found a Reason" is particularly interesting, as it is an upbeat, dancey country-style number instead of the official version, which is dreamy and reminiscent of the Beach Boys.

Fully Loaded is essential to the collection of any fan of The Velvet Underground. The alternate version of the entire album is a rare find for any album from any band, particularly one as beloved as The Velvet Underground. the original Loaded is simply a classic, and the additional material is more than enough to satisfy the hardcore fan.  

  Fully Loaded CD1
  01 Who Loves The Sun.
  02 Sweet Jane (Full-Length Version)
  03 Rock & Roll (Full-Length Version)
  04 Cool It Down
  05 New Age (Long Version)
  06 Head Held High
  07 Lonesome Cowboy Bill
  08 I Found A Reason
  09 Train Round The Bend
  10 Oh! Sweet Nuthin'
  11 Ride Into The Sun (Demo)
  12 Ocean (Outtake)
  13 I'm Sticking With You (Outtake)
  14 I Love You (Demo)
  15 Rock & Roll (Alternate Mix)
  16 Head Held High (Alternate Mix)

Fully Loaded CD 2

  01 Who Loves The Sun (Alternate Mix)
  02 Sweet Jane (Early Version)
  03 Rock & Roll (Demo)
  04 Cool It Down (Early Version)
  05 New Age (Full-Length Version)
  06 Head Held High (Early Version)
  07 Lonesome Cowboy Bill (Early Version)
  08 I Found A Reason (Demo)
  09 Train Round The Bend (Alternate Mix)
  10 Oh! Sweet Nuthin' (Early Version)
  11 Ocean (Demo)
  12 I Love You (Outtake)
  13 Satellite Of Love (Alternate Demo)
  14 Oh Gin (Demo)

  15 Walk And Talk (Demo)
  16 Sad Song (Demo)  17 Love Makes You Feel Ten Feet Tall (Demo)

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Lynyrd skynyrd - Live at Old Grey Whistle Test 1975

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Live at Old Grey Whistle Test 1975 DVDRIP

Izvodjac : Lynyrd Skynyrd

Koncert : DVD Rip

File Format : Avi





 This is the DVD from "Gimmie Back My Bullets" Deluxe Edition
Live at Old Grey Whistle Test, BBC Studios, 1975

Link : 365.29 Mb



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1971 - Fireball (2010 Audio Fidelity 24 KT + Gold, AFZ 098) - Deep Purple

 Fireball (24 KT + Gold) - Deep Purple 2010

Izvodjac : Deep Purple
Album : Fireball (2010)
Godina realizacije : 1971 
File format : Flac 


01. Fireball 3:24
02. No No No 6:53
03. Strange Kind Of Woman 4:05
04. Anyone's Daughter 4:45
05. The Mule 5:20
06. Fools 8:20
07. No One Came 6:26

Fireball is a hard rock album by English rock band Deep Purple, released in 1971. It was their fifth studio album, and the second with the classic Mk II lineup. It was recorded at various times between September 1970 and June 1971. It would become the first of the band's three UK #1 albums. The album was certified Gold on July 26, 2001 by the RIAA, selling 500,000 copies in the US. This is 2010 Audio Fidelity 24 KT + Gold reissue.

Link : Flac 276.36 Mb


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1972 - Machine Head - Deep Purple

Deep Purple - 1972 - Machine Head (2010 AF Gold AFZ 065) [FLAC+MP3] 


Izvodjac : Deep Purple
Album : Machine Head (2010 AF Gold AFZ 065)
Godina realizacije : 1972

Track List

Highway Star (06:07)
Maybe I'm A Leo (04:52)
Pictures Of Home (05:07)
Never Before (04:04)
Smoke On The Water (05:43)
Lazy (07:23)
Space Truckin' (04:34)

Led Zeppelin's fourth album, Black Sabbath's Paranoid, and Deep Purple's Machine Head have stood the test of time as the Holy Trinity of English hard rock and heavy metal, serving as the fundamental blueprints followed by virtually every heavy rock & roll band since the early '70s. And, though it is probably the least celebrated of the three, Machine Head contains the "mother of all guitar riffs" and one of the first learned by every beginning guitarist in "Smoke on the Water." Inspired by real-life events in Montreux, Switzerland, where Deep Purple were recording the album when the Grand Hotel was burned to the ground during a Frank Zappa concert, neither the song, nor its timeless riff, should need any further description. However, Machine Head was anything but a one-trick pony, introducing the bona fide classic opener "Highway Star," which epitomized all of Deep Purple's intensity and versatility while featuring perhaps the greatest soloing duel ever between guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and organist Jon Lord. Also in top form was singer Ian Gillan, who crooned and exploded with amazing power and range throughout to establish himself once and for all as one of the finest voices of his generation, bar none. Yes, the plodding shuffle of "Maybe I'm a Leo" shows some signs of age, but punchy singles "Pictures of Home" and "Never Before" remain as vital as ever, displaying Purple at their melodic best. And finally, the spectacular "Space Truckin'" drove Machine Head home with yet another tremendous Blackmore riff, providing a fitting conclusion to one of the essential hard rock albums of all

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1975 - Caught in the act - Grand Funk Railroad

Grand Funk Railroad - Caught In The Act (Remastered edition 2002)

Izvodjac : Grand Funk Railroad
Album: Caught in the act (2002)
Godina realizacije : 1975

 Track list:

- Footstompin' Music
- Rock & Roll Soul
- I'm Your Captain / Closer To Home
- Heartbreaker
- Some Kind Of Wonderful
- Shinin' On
- The Loco-Motion
- Black Licorice
- The Railroad
- We're An American Band
- T.N.U.C.
- Inside Looking Out
- Gimme Shelter

 This is a fun album to have. Unfortunately the CD cuts out some of the drum solo on T.N.U.C and the introduction on the LP is funny, and they cut it out of the CD. They at least could've fixed the silly ending they had to "Closer to home" so it doesn't fade out...come on, CD versions are suppose to be an improvement over the LPs not cut things out and leave the flaws. It still is a fun album, neat versions of "Rock n' Roll Soul" and "Gimmie Shelter". The First GFR Live album is much better, but if you like the post TK stuff live, then get this one or Bosnia. Capital is rumored to be remastering all of GFR albums on CD, including CITA, and hopefully they will improve it by not having "Closer to Home" fade and put back the crowed, announcements and the drum solo in tact. If you want CITA, until the remaster comes out, dust off your turntable and look through used album stores for it if you don't have it already. MUCH better then the CD version.

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